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Sound Mynds, working with youth

Sound Mynds are proud to be registered as an alternative provision with Hertfordshire County Council to offer activity mentoring, behavioural change and tutoring to young people who require a setting that differs from mainstream education.

With our dedicated intervention hub based in Potters Bar, young people will have access to our gym, music studio, DJ and podcasting rooms as well as spaces for tuition. These sessions are tailored to the young persons individual need and can be on a 1:1 basis or provided in a group setting.

Maths & English Tuition

Math's and English tuition on site with qualified tutors at a time to suit the child or young persons needs

Personal Development

AQA personal development course to boost confidence, and increase engagement and motivation

Behavioural Change

Behavioural change intervention to adopt healthy behaviours and lifestyle with our support team 

Youth Engagement

Leisure activities for aspiring creatives with access to music studios, pod casting and DJ room

Active Mentoring

One-on-One and Group Sessions

Access to our gym with qualified instructors for tailored sessions

One-to-One boxing and mentoring with professional trainers

Football training sessions for both groups and one to one



Sensory Inclusion

Winter 2024: Defining Futures and Sound Mynds plan to incorporate Sensory inclusion into all work delivered to young people, with plans to implement Sensory Rooms and pods both at our intervention centre and in our homes for young people. We understand that Sensory engagement is so important for young people and having a dedicated sensory outlet, is something that all young people can benefit from. 

Who are Sound Mynds?

Sound Mynds was created for young people who have lived through an array of experiences, initially targeting young people who were going through the criminal justice system

Sound Mynds sought to offer musical intervention for young people needing a creative outlet, a safe space and somewhere they could be accepted for who they are based at our intervention centre comprising of music studios, DJ rooms, tutoring rooms and podcasting rooms.

The programme and our facility grew to include 'Active Futures'  a dedicated gym with fitness a programme delivered by qualified, professional fitness instructors.

The next step for Sound Mynds was to register as an Alternative Provision to provide tuition and behavioural change through activity mentoring. This was successfully incorporated into the programme which is now accepting referrals and is accessible to all Defining Futures residents.

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