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Our team

James & Ben, Directors

We are proud to have 2 international DJ's within the team at Defining Futures, James and Ben are veteran’s of the global Dance music scene with 30 years experience between them in various areas of the business including:

▶ Composing and production
▶ Running their own record labels
▶ Record and music distribution
▶ Marketing and promotion
▶ Manufacturing

With vast expertise and knowledge of all things musical their mission is to hand down their knowledge to the younger generations so that others can enjoy and share their passion for music with the hope it is used as a force for good.

Sara, Director and Personal Trainer

Sara is a fully qualified personal trainer with over 15 years experience and has  worked with a variety of clients of all ages and different backgrounds.

Having formed many relationships with highly regarded boxing and football professionals together they have formed many successful programmes for young people to engage in. 

With a passion for fitness and wellness she enjoys teaching others how to live a healthier and happier life.

By choosing healthier food options, participating in regular exercise and finding “Me-Time” is an important life skill that is taught from the very moment a young person joins defining futures.

Sara is an inspiration to all around her, she promotes fitness and self care in a positive relaxed manner and has a passionate team of fitness and life coaches beside her eager to help everyone in the “defining futures” family.

Connor and Josie, Management

Connor and Josie have extensive experience and knowledge, gained over the last 20 years combined, of working with an array of young people from all walks of life.

Forming strong partnerships with various agencies to ensure that placement success is informed through inter-agency relationships, targeted and relevant key work, personalised and structured timetables that are informed by the young person’s interests and needs, as well as the requirements of the wider professional networks involved in the young person’s success. 

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